July 19, 2010

Half Moon Bay Engagement Portraits with Calin and Bianca

What a great time I had taking pictures of Calin and Bianca. This was a last minute engagement session. I was already up in Half Moon Bay taking Gregg and Jen’s portraits. By the time that I met up with Calin and Bianca, it was almost 3pm and I already had a pretty good sun burn going on. We ended up just driving around looking for random spots to take pictures at and came up with some great shots. We concluded down the road a bit when the sun was starting to duck nicely behind the clouds on it’s way down.

It’s late (1am) but I wanted to get a few of my favorite shots up for both couples before I went to bed. Besides, Liam is still up making noise so I couldn’t get to bed even if I wanted to.

Thanks so much Calin and Bianca for making the last minute trip over to Half Moon Bay, I had a great time hanging out and taking pictures. I am excited for your wedding at The Reata in Oakdale!

Half Moon Bay Engagement Portraits

Half Moon Bay Engagement Portraits

Half Moon Bay Engagement Portraits

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