March 5, 2013

Just Me Being The Stig

Being that I was home alone this weekend while my family visited other family in Southern California, I decided to do some racing. This is me in my driving suit and helmet trying to look like The Stig from Top Gear. I took my Go-Kart out to Little Stockton 99 Raceway which is located on the Stockton Fairgrounds in beautiful, crime free Stockton, CA. Just kidding, Stockton is none of those things, but they have a Go-kart track!

Jerad Hill as The Stig
Me in my driving suit and helmet trying to look tough like The Stig from Top Gear

GX200 Clone Racing
A shot of the back of my kart.

Brian Hill - Kart Racing - Razor Sprint Kart
My brother was testing his new Razor Sprint Kart from

One Comment on “Just Me Being The Stig

Alexander "The Motor" Jackson
December 1, 2016 at 12:56 am

Looks like fun, sort of looks like a 30mm axle on the back and an 80cc engine??


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