August 27, 2009

MoPhotoWalk Was Amazing

MoPhotoWalk was a hit! I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing community. On August 20th, 2009, myself along with 62 other photographers bombarded downtown Modesto with one goals: To learn from each other while sharing our passion for photography. That goal was accomplished. Another passion I had which also drove my desire to host this event was the need I saw for some fresh user generated content focused on the city of Modesto. Only a few photographers had taken the initiative to capture some of Modesto’s highlights. Now we have captured many of downtown Modesto’s highlights through the eyes of over 60 people.

MoPhotoWalk gained some media attention. The Modesto Bee put together a short video which includes an interview they did with me. I have also included a link to the event’s Flickr Group.

If you would like to be a part of the next Photo Walk, please visit the MoPhotoWalk website and sign up to receive our newsletter.

Flickr Group:
Modesto Bee Video:
Modesto Bee short news article:

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