August 5, 2020

Welcome to Big Sky Visuals

Announcing Big Sky Visuals

So, I changed the name of my photo and video company! Since I started in photography in 2005, I have been known by my name as a photographer. Over the years, that has led to confusion as I have a few other businesses I operate.

When people search for me by name, they might not be looking for photography services, which leads to confusion. I have desired to change the name of my photography company for years, I just never found a name that I connected with.

After relocating my family and businesses to Kalispell, MT, I found myself frequently looking up into the vast sky this region is known for. The decision was simple, Big Sky Visuals would be the new name.

Big Sky is also a nickname for this area which is often referred to as Big Sky Country. That is Montana!

Visuals is what we create. Whether it be photography that helps sell a premium real estate listing or video that helps tell a company’s story, we are creating visual assets for our clients.

Big Sky Visuals ties that all together, so let me be the first to welcome you to Big Sky Visuals!

More details will follow, so make sure to follow us on Instagram @BigSky_Visuals

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